Good Things Going On

Friday Night Lights

What do you do on a Friday night when you’re our age and NOT going to Menards? (I sound sooo old at 48!)

You get the best perch plate and tator tots from Krazy Cow, get together your menu for the next two weeks, order your groceries online to pick up on Saturday afternoon, and write a blog post while the hubs is out in the garage painting his newly installed garage wall.

Good Things Goin’ On!


On Sunday, March 31st, we celebrated my fourth cancerversary.  Four years since my diagnosis with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer.  I was supposed to be dead by September, 2015.

I’m still here.  Fighting every day.  I am overwhelmed at the tremendous support system I have in place, and I am extremely grateful!

Three days after my fourth cancerversary, I started a new job!

I honestly never thought I would be able to work again.  The fatigue from the cancer and the cancer meds really shot that ability to work right down.

I donated all of my work clothes and jewelry when cleaning out my closet three years ago.

But this year, it’s different.

I have more energy from the water walking at the Y four days a week.

My new job is doing something I love – bookkeeping.  Numbers and details.  Right up my alley!

It is also only one day a week, Wednesday, for six to eight hours at the most.

I couldn’t have asked for a better position to fall into my lap through my daughter-in-law Andrea.  I truly believe that God guides in all things!

I enjoy doing my job so much, I could honestly sit there for hours and days working at it, and not want to stop.

But…of course I have to stop to continue getting the rest that my hole-filled bones need.

Years ago, overachiever and perfectionist me would have kept on working for hours until everything was cleaned up and done.

But I have really changed my work attitude and priorities in the last four years.

This past Wednesday, my second day of work, but the first day on my own, I was able to walk out the door and leave the 29+ emails behind for next week.

I know that being mindful of the fact that I don’t have to work makes a difference.

But I have also learned – finally – that *I* am a priority.  I need to respect myself, and do what is good for me.

The same applies to you.  Respect yourself and take care of yourself.

Even before my diagnosis, I would say-

I only have one life to live, why waste it?

Are you living your life, or are you wasting it?

Supporting my Family

When I was a single mom, from 2002 to 2013, I was the sole support for my girls.  It meant a lot to me to be able to support my family on my own.  We had a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothing on our backs, transportation, and everything we needed, and most times, wanted.

The hubs came along, and I was proud that I could contribute to our household along with him.

Then the diagnosis came, and I was forced to retire, no longer being able to help support my family.

I never apologized for things I had; my house, a Suburban, a pickup truck with a plow, vacations, because I worked hard for those things.

I was devastated that I could no longer work and help support my family.  I’m not kidding – it meant a lot to me.

Now, while I’m making less than a pound of bacon to bring home, it doesn’t matter.  The feeling of being able to help support my family again is priceless to me, and brought me great joy my first day coming home from work.

Sharing Knowledge

I mentioned that I had started my new business, B. Balanced Services LLC.  I’ve already got one client that I am doing bookkeeping for, but I am looking for more!

I LOVE learning new things, and coming up with easier and more efficient ways to do things.  I also love to share my knowledge with others!

One afternoon last month I stopped at the Oneida Market to see if they had some venison hamburger – I used all of ours up already!  A woman there told me how she makes a roast, by steaming it rather than cooking it as a person normally would.

At the end of her instructions, she said

“when you learn something new, it is your responsibility to share that knowledge with others.”

When you learn something new, do you share it with others?

Sending love and hugs ~Erika~

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