A friend of mine told me the other day “you haven’t blogged in a while, I love reading your blogs!”  The look on her face was one of loving chastisement, essentially showing me that, I guess I had been too busy with other things to do what I do best – bore you all with my cancer life!


Every once in a while in the past few years, I would sit down at the table up north, and write out cards to friends, family, and others that I know, just telling them how much they mean to me, how awesome they are, and how grateful I am that we know each other.

Late last year, I thought I should write one of those cards on a weekly basis.

A few days before Grace’s 20th birthday in January, I stopped at Barnes & Noble.  I hadn’t been in Barnes & Noble in a couple of years.

In case you didn’t know, I actually hate shopping.  I go in to a store, I get what I need or want, and walk out.  After paying, of course!

There are exceptions to the hate of shopping.  That would be Fleet Farm and Menards.

Back to Barnes & Noble.  Baby Girl loves Harry Potter.  My bestie Anne told me about a Harry Potter Pop-Up Book that was at Barnes & Noble.  The Pop-Up book was a successful birthday gift!

For some reason, I had the urge to look around the store.  I’m always drawn to office supplies and journals, so that’s where I ended up in the store.

Then I came across “Letters For a Year of Gratitude.”

Perfect! This provides a sheet of paper for me to write a short note to friends, family, and other people I happen to have run across in my life.

The note is written, folded up, sealed together on the back and sides, addressed, stamped, and sent out in the mail.

But there is one problem….not really a problem, but sometimes it is hard to think of who to send a letter to!

The statement on the outside of the letter is a guide, so I try to think of a person who fits into that statement.  It really isn’t that easy sometimes!

There have been times that it has taken me over a week to think of someone to send the letter to, so I haven’t been perfect with a weekly schedule.  But I don’t think that matters.

All that matters is that I am showing others that I appreciate them, and that I am grateful that they have a part in my life.

Still a Boring Cancer Patient

I am still a boring cancer patient.  My cancer is still sleeping soundly (another thing I am extremely grateful for!).

One ‘gift’ that cancer gives you, or the medications will give you, is fatigue.  There have been times that I could sleep in until ten in the morning, and then take a nap starting at noon until three or four in the afternoon.  Then I could go to bed at seven, and sleep all night!

This year though, I have had to take fewer naps, as I’ve had more energy.

I found the secret! (I feel like one of those weight loss ads on Facebook).

I have been walking/running/exercising in the pool at the Y four times a week!  I’ve even gotten the hubs to join bestie Anne and me two nights a week to help his back pain.

It isn’t a class that we’ve joined.  The Y just has times set aside for water walking, and that is when bestie Anne and I go and get an hour of exercise.

Doing this has greatly increased my energy levels, and I feel great!

I never, ever in my life thought I would be able to tell my doctor that I’m exercising four times a week – and not be lying about it!

Anyone is welcome to join us at the Y! We go on Monday and Wednesday nights from 8:30 pm to 9:30pm at the East side Y; Tuesdays from 1pm to 2pm at the East side Y; and Thursdays from 10am to 11am at the West side Y.

The East side Y pool is kept at a very warm temperature, like bath water.  The Howard/West side Y is cooler, but you warm up after a couple of walks across the pool.

What Else Is New?

I was thinking…

That statement usually makes the hubs go “uh-oh”.

I was thinking about starting a professional organizing business.  Because, well, I have a natural affinity for organizing and details.

I thought and thought, sent out some emails to professional organizers already in business, asking some questions, and thought some more.

Due to my ‘holy bones’, I am really unable to organize closets and basements, as I can no longer move boxes or totes around without doing too much and having to take a week to recover.

Writing down what I wanted to do and not do helped me focus on what was best for me, and I have finally seemed to find my niche!

I’ve always enjoyed finances, budgeting, paperwork organization, and just general organization.  Therefore, I have formed a new business, B. Balanced Services LLC.

Through this new business, I am able to do accounting and payroll for small businesses through QuickBooks Online; individual finances and budgeting through Quicken; organize paperwork for small businesses and individuals; and provide paralegal services for attorneys that I have worked with in the past.

I also plan to provide some tips and tricks of how I organize my household.

So, if you know of someone looking for a bookkeeper or paperwork organizer, send them my way! I would appreciate any referrals!

B. Balanced Services LLC

Back to Gratitude

Remember, I am grateful for YOU.  Each and every one of you that reads my blog, or touches my life in any way, shape or form, I am grateful.  You all bring some sort of something to my life!

Sending love and hugs ~Erika~



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