I’m Angry.

I’m Angry.

Not the red-faced, steam coming from my ears, mushroom cloud over my head, angry.  Just a calm realization of anger.



I’m angry at all those people that told me I had to get a degree to go anywhere or do anything with my life.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I graduated high school and went off to college.

I didn’t even take the ACT exam until two weeks after I graduated high school

I was quite content as a legal secretary/legal assistant/paralegal working in Janesville.  But it was EXPECTED of me to go to college.

I was accepted at UW-Madison, but I don’t like crowds of people.  And again, I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

I would have rather worked than go to college.

Why did I go back to college in 2012 to finish my degree?

Because I felt it would make other people happy.

I obtained my college degree in 2014.  Sure, I was elated that I had accomplished getting my college degree.

What has that degree done for me since?

The now-framed college degree has covered a piece of painted wall in one of the rooms in our home.


Prior to my cancer diagnosis, I worked as a title examiner at a title company; prior to that I was a human resources representative; before that, a paralegal.  None of those positions required a degree.

But when I was in high school, even before high school, I was told I had to go to college.

I call bullshit.

Raising Children

While raising children, you want the absolute best for them, better than you yourself had life growing up.

Which means pushing them towards college.

And if your child doesn’t fit into that college “mold”, they can go on to a technical school.

I’ve learned something after raising my children.


You know what? They may not even know what they want to do.  No matter how many career tests they take starting in SEVENTH grade, they may not know!

I changed my major in college five times in the four years I was there.

Still didn’t know what I wanted to do.

And I turned out just fine.

Don’t subject your children to YOUR expectations.
Don’t subject your children to YOUR dreams.
Don’t subject your children to YOUR goals.

It’s THEIR life.

And at the age of eighteen, the age of twenty, the age of twenty-two, they are still VERY young yet, and don’t need to be pigeon-holed into something someone else expected them to do for the rest of their life.

“Well, your grandpa was [this], and your dad was [that], and your uncle did the same thing, and you need to do [this-that-and-the-same-thing].”

Again, I call bullshit.

Let them be happy.  Let them find something they enjoy doing.  Let them find their piece of the world.

At the point where they are just graduating high school, or even beyond high school a couple of years, at that point I feel that the job of the parent is to love, and support.

Anger over.

Or Maybe Not….

There is one more thing I am angry about.

This time, imagine the red-faced, steam coming from my ears, mushroom cloud over my head, angry.

The hubs’ wallet was stolen two weeks ago.

A nice, leather Harley Davidson wallet.  License, debit card, health insurance card, master electrician registration card, and ….

$250 of cash.

Obviously, someone needed it more than we did.

Pray for them.

The wallet has been replaced; a duplicate license obtained; a new debit card; a replacement health insurance card; a new laminated master electrician registration card (because I happen to scan EVERYTHING into the computer…).

The cash, not so much replaceable.

Walking On Water

No…..only Jesus can do that!

I’ve been walking IN the water!

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying time with Bestie Anne, Little One, and even Baby Girl at the Y walking in the water.  It greatly helps loosen up the joints, and helps flexibility and movement.

I’ve been doing this now since January, trying for twice a week, mostly hitting once a week due to other commitments and things that come up, but there has been a noticeable difference.

I haven’t had to take any breakthrough pain meds for almost a month.

I’ve gotten out of the house in this terrible winter we’ve had, and socialized with other people. (*Gasp* – I know, right?! Me! Socializing!)

It’s Our Anniversary

Today, March 6th is our sixth wedding anniversary.

We have a wonderful relationship.  Everything we do for each other, we do in love.

We communicate constantly.  We have nothing to hide from each other, we have no fear of the other.

The greatest thrill that I get from our marriage is that we have been and continue to be an example to our kids as to how a marriage should be.

We both had previous marriages that, while they were good, they weren’t great.  My first marriage was good, but not one that I would want as an example to my children.  But without my first marriage, I wouldn’t even have Little One and Baby Girl.

Think about your husband or your wife, right now.
Do you do things for him or her?
Do you do those things out of obligation, or do you do them with love?

Laundry.  Dishes.  Restocking the drinks in the garage fridge.  Cooking.  Finances.

Try it sometime.  Instead of doing these things “because I have to”…try doing them with love.

Of course, this goes both ways.  Any relationship, whether husband and wife, or friends, is a two-way street.

“My friend hasn’t called me in over a month.”  Have YOU called them?

Just something to think about.

Away I go, ramblings and rantings ended for today.

Sending love and hugs! ~Erika~


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