The Elections are Over; So Am I

Taking you back to a prior post, I mentioned that I am not a political person.

I don’t discuss politics.  I have told friends that I don’t discuss politics.  I also don’t discuss religion.

Yes, I agreed to do a political commercial for the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.  Recording a commercial is fun, I enjoyed doing it, it was something new for me.

I have never shared with anyone in the past or present who I voted for.  Never.  Not even the hubs.

I feel that political views (and religious views) are personal.

I was fearful that I was exposing myself by doing the commercial.  That I would receive backlash – there are some mean people out there in the world.

Surprisingly, I didn’t receive any backlash whatsoever – that I know about, anyway!

I’ve done a couple of TV interviews for the local news channels, an article for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, obviously the TV commercial and radio commercial for Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, a radio interview for Wisconsin Public Radio, and an article for the U.S. News and World Report.

Coming yet is an article in the Wall Street Journal, and a documentary through Schiller Street Media.

After the radio interview for Wisconsin Public Radio, the hubs and I headed up north for the weekend.

When we drive together, we talk about a lot of things.  We actually love driving together and the times that we get to talk about everything in a quiet environment, just the two of us.

During this drive, I told the hubs that I was done with our contaminated well issues.

I’ve had my fifteen minutes of fame that I never really asked for.

But yet, did I…?

My initial goal in going to the media with our story was because contaminated wells in Kewaunee County is an issue.  For too long it has been merely a sympathy gesture of “oh, I’m sorry that happened to you.”

Now, I believe things are moving forward, because enough attention has been brought to the issue.

And the elections are over.

So now it’s time for me to step back and go back to living my (ab)normal life.


I have a tight control on our finances.  Ask the hubs and Little One, and they’ll tell you I am the budget queen.

I check our accounts on a daily basis.

I’m not worried about someone hacking into our accounts and taking our money, I just have nothing else to do with my time.

But I made a mistake.

I didn’t look closely enough at the propane bill. Typically, we only make a payment once a year for tank rental, as we don’t use a lot of propane.  Usually, two hundred gallons will last three years.

So I overlooked where the invoice said “Autopay is enabled on your account.  Your amount due will be paid automatically on the due date.

I went ahead and made the payment online the day before the due date.

Then on the date the payment was due, it was taken out of our account, um……..why did that $294.23 come out TWICE?!?!

Oh crap.

This is where I scratch my head though, because I just don’t understand.

I called the company, and pointed out my error.  The customer service representative confirmed that the invoice was paid twice.

She gave me my options: (a) I could get a refund, but it would take 2-3 weeks to get a check in the mail; or (b) I could just leave the funds on the account as a credit for the next fill.

Remember I said two hundred gallons last us three years?  Yeah, I’m not letting them use my money.

But why, just why, does it take 2-3 weeks to get a check back, when at the push of a button, they can take the money out of our account?!


Seriously, we don’t have the money to be screwed with this much!

We switched insurance providers for our ATV insurance because the premium went from $168 a year to $206 a year.  I thought that was a little excessive, so we switched to another company where the premium was $124 a year.  Quite the difference there.

The premium with the original company was due on November 6th, but the cancellation was sent in on October 30th.  You would expect that they would terminate the coverage, right?

That $206 premium was taken out of our account on November 6th….Geez! Can’t we get a break?!

Has that ever happened to you?


It is amazing to watch the hubs plan and get ready for deer hunting.  He is like a little kid.

I’m looking forward to the time up north.  It isn’t much different than being home, but yet it is different.

It seems that there are no responsibilities of life while I’m up north.  It’s a time to just sit and watch movies, enjoy the company of family, eat, and play cards.

Whatever you may do for this time of year, deer hunting, getting the family together and celebrating Thanksgiving, or shopping on Black Friday, enjoy every minute and have fun!

If you are shopping on Black Friday, please be courteous and gentle with those who are working in retail during this time of year.

Baby Girl works in retail, and man, the stories she comes home with.

People are just RUDE, always in a hurry, and really argumentative.

Please, please, please, remember these people are away from their families for Thanksgiving, and they have lives and are people with feelings and emotions too.

Sending love and hugs ~ Erika ~

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