The Dad of the Bride Speech

I was going to post this yesterday, but I forgot to add it to my post.  Here is the Dad of the Bride speech given at Little One’s wedding last Friday:

Hello! Can you hear me now?

Whoops, wrong carrier!

Sorry Matt!*

I am Rob Balza, Hope’s dad.

One of the best days in my life was when I was able to adopt Hope and Grace.  Today is another one of those best days, getting to walk Hope down the aisle.

Thank you to those who have travelled from far and near to come together today to join in the celebration of the love between Hope and Matt.  I am honored to welcome you all here on this day filled with love, family and friends.  We – Erika and I, Steve, Lori, and Keith, are all extremely excited to have a new addition to both sides, as friends have now become family.

I had already raised two sons when I came along into Hope and Grace’s lives.  I learned a lot of things about teenage girls, many things I didn’t really need to know!  But as I look at my daughter Hope, the bride, I can’t help but look back at the time I did get to watch her grow up and become the beautiful, strong, and confident woman she is today.

I’m glad I am the dad who got to introduce you to “up north” where “nature doesn’t like you”; I got to take you four-wheeling; I’m the dad who took you to learn how to drive even after you ran into your mom’s car!  I’m the dad who changes the oil in your car, and changes the headlight, and changes a flat tire in the rain.  I’m the dad who encouraged you to spray paint outside, not in the garage. I got to stand next to you for homecoming and prom pictures and celebrate your achievements at academic awards and national honor society banquets. I’m the dad who ended up taking care of your cat, Layo, even while I teased you many times that he was going to have “an accident”.  I’m the dad who got to help you move into your apartment with Matt, then move again, move into your first studio, and install cabinets to set up your new studio.  I wouldn’t trade those times spent with you for anything, and I am more than proud of you, who you’ve become, and your success in life.

When I adopted you, the judge asked me why I wanted to adopt you girls.  My response?  Because I love you.

Hope and Matt, marriage doesn’t come with an instruction manual.  We can only hope that you two can learn from the marriages of your grandparents and your parents, as to how to love each other every day, and keep falling in love with each other every day.

*Side Note:  Matt works for U.S. Cellular.

Many, many compliments were given to the hubs for his speech.  Totally from the heart, filled with love.  This is why I love the hubs so very, very much.

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