Flowers Fade, but Memories Don’t

Last week was a huge and busy week in our lives.

Monday, 9/24

Monday, September 24th, was my 48th birthday! Considering I was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer when I was 44, and was supposed to be dead within six months after diagnosis, birthdays tend to mean a lot more.

Baby Girl and myself had our nails done for the upcoming wedding, I had lunch with a great friend, and later enjoyed cake and ice cream.

Friday, 9/28

It actually all started on Thursday, picking up dresses, tuxes, decorations, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. One more sleep until the big day!

And what a beautiful day it was!

The sun shone through the trees at the perfect time for photos.

I’d like to think her father was shining down his smile on Little One and Matthew.

But it was her dad, the hubs, who showed his love for her with his welcome speech.

Another reason to be grateful and thankful that I made it! I was able to see Little One get married!

I can’t wait to be around for the next steps in all of our kids’ lives!

The end of the day… but I made it, still smiling!

So while the flowers may have already faded and fallen, the memories will not!

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