No one notices your hair at the Pharmacy

Today is a gray, cloudy day outside. Even rained this afternoon a little bit after I got home.

It’s Hair Appointment Day

Little One made a hair appointment for me when she made her appointment to get everything ready for her wedding in NINE DAYS!

She asked me to be there a little early in case she needed my help with her extensions for the wedding.

I left home a little too early …..

So I ran another errand I had to run, time to pick up the morphine scripts. Once a month I get to call in and ask for refills, then call the pharmacy to tell them I am refilling so they have the appropriate supply.

I picked up the scripts and decided to get Little One and Cassie (the hairstylist) a treat.

Have you been to Uncle Mike’s?

I highly recommend it, yet I don’t!

The treats …. OMG I just want to sit inside there all day and just try everything and not worry about my stomach getting full or my hips making it back out the double doors to go home at the end of the day!

So I picked up a few treats.

Time for a new look

My own mother has said I look better as a blonde, so here we go again!

I’ve heard of bayalage, but never tried it. So I asked. “What is bayalage?” It’s “painting” your hair. A different way of highlighting.

I showed her a picture from three years ago of the color I wanted, and told her to bayalage me.

Cassie at Mint Salon, you ROCK!

Showing it off

You know how when you look good you want to show it off?

I left Mint Salon and in my head I’m running through all of my errands I need to do yet.

The pharmacy.

That’s the only place I need to go.


So much for showing off the new ‘do.

No one notices your hair at the pharmacy.

Love to you all ~Erika

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