Today, a photographer, Darren, drove up from Milwaukee to take pictures of me.

The pictures are for the US News & World Report magazine, because of our shitty water in 2016.

Some called me a celebrity after the commercial appeared for Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters and the special election on June 12th.

It is hard for me to take that praise. I get embarrassed.

The photo shoot today was different. I had a little worry about what I should wear, and texted my fear to Darren. He responded with the answer of wear what I would normally wear, but not all white.

So I dressed in something I would wear in a normal day around the house.

Darren took pictures of me filling our water pitcher from the water cooler to then fill the dog/cat water dish.

Pictures of me looking out our bedroom window across the great beautiful landscape that we can see. Pictures of me filling a pan with water from the water cooler to make spaghetti.

I made toast and eggs for breakfast for the hubs, pictures were taken. My family around the kitchen counter, with Baby One and her boyfriend eating breakfast, and when they were done, putting dishes into the dishwasher. More pictures.

This is my normal life. And now there are pictures of my normal life. Pictures that will go across the world.

Not once did I think about my weight. Not once did I think about how my hair looked or how I looked without makeup since I don’t wear makeup. Because I’m only me.

I thought about contaminated water. And while we lived sixteen days without water, it’s only minor in the scheme of things that the hubs and I have lived through.

If only there was so much concern about Stage 4 cancer.

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