Up North

I’ve written about our cabin up north before. Where we go for peace, quiet, surrounded by the woods, adventures on 4-wheelers, swimming, sunshine.

Sam relaxing Up North

Last Ride?

Last year in October, we took one of our last rides of the year on the 4-wheeler, on the well-kept trails that take us through the beauty of the woods.

That was a three-hour ride, and during that ride I looked up into the trees, admiring the beauty, wondering if there will be trees and woods and lakes in Heaven.

I imagined that this ride might have been my last; I had been in the hospital four times last year and I was still healing from the back surgery. Everything hurt. All the time.

Many thoughts crossed my mind, of leaving behind the hubs and our children, and grandchildren, those thoughts bringing tears to my eyes.

It’s up to God when it’s my time to leave this earth. In the meantime, I’m …

Still Fighting

I fight every day to be physically strong, to even get out of bed in the morning.

Once in a while, I will vacuum around the house. That’s all I can do for that day.

I’ve just recently started mowing our lawn. The mower conveys to my body every single hole, every rut, and every bump in the yard. But amazingly, my body doesn’t hurt afterwards. I actually seem to have a bunch of energy after I mow the lawn, and think I can do everything! But then I take a shower, and …. I’m done for the day.

Last Weekend

I had an unusually busy weekend last weekend, with two or three things going on each day of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Sister Keni put it this way: “You push through so much, and do so much, that everyone thinks you’re normal. But your mind has risen above the damage the cancer and the treatments have done, and you think you can do everything you used to do. But the cancer and the treatments have taken away your stamina that a normal 47-year-old would have. You don’t let anyone see that side of you.”

Why would I let anyone see that side of me? It isn’t your burden that I have cancer and can’t keep up.

But I had the most wonderful time at a bridal brunch with Little One, Baby Girl, Daughter Kim, and others on Sunday! We went to brunch at The Creamery in downtown Green Bay on the City Deck, and then went to Palette and Pub in Allouez and made beautiful creations!

Afterwards, I went home and took a four hour nap.

I’ve been married to the love of my life for five years already?!?!

Love to you all ~ Erika

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