I’m Listening

The last couple of weeks, I’ve had the honor and pleasure to sit down with friends of mine, and visit.

And by visit, I mean listen.  And ask questions.  And offer advice.  And just love.

I have been blessed with the ability to listen and counsel.

I listen, I observe, and I learn.

In my forty-seven years of life on this Earth, I have learned A LOT.

Sexual abuse?  I was young, and I fought back.

Divorce, including small town humiliation? Experienced it.

An affair? Yes.

Anything related to law? Pretty good at playing in the sandbox with other attorneys.

In-laws and Out-laws? Dealt with them, love them.

Organization?  Love it, I’m one of the best at it.

Searching real estate records? Expert.

Gaining and Losing Weight? Used Dexatrim, Redux, and Phen-Phen, a tummy tuck. Tried it all.  Learned to love my body for everything it does for me.

Sexual assault?  Yes, it happened to me.

Death?  Experienced it too many times.

Love and Relationships? One of my favorite areas of conversation.

CPAP machine? I have slept much better over the past four years.

Raising children as a single mother? I did it, and I did it well.

Budgeting? I’m the queen.  With spreadsheets of all colors and calculations.  I try to follow Dave Ramsey, and I tell every dollar where it is going.

Cooking?  I’ll share recipes with you, if you share recipes with me!

Being taken advantage of?  Financially, to the tune of over $150k, and in other ways as well.

Farting in bed?  Did it, and also suffered from the hubs doing it.

Bankruptcy? Did that and may have to do it again.

Hospitals? Unfortunately, yes.  In several states.

Travel? Definitely, as much as we can.

Menopause? Been through it twice, medically and chemically.

Cancer?  Living with it on a daily basis.

College? Went, would have rather worked than sit in class, went back and finished twenty-two years later.

Computers? Used to order parts and assemble computers for clients, as well as managing the networks at two offices.

Aging?  The aches and pains, along with the snap, crackle, and pop, remind me every day.

Laundry? Don’t mind doing it!  Even thought about offering it to others to make some extra money.

Owning and running a business? Did that.

Anxiety? Had it, overcame it.

Designing and building two commercial buildings? A lot of stress, but they got done and turned out beautifully.

Depression? Taken meds for that, and got off them.

If you are willing to be honest, and open up about all your flaws, faults, and foibles (thanks, #1), I am willing to listen.  There is nothing to be embarrassed about.  There is no judgment.  Ever.

Send me an email (Erika.balza7150@gmail.com).  Everything I hear is always confidential.

I am not perfect.  I don’t know everything.  But I can listen. And provide love.

I’ve been told, “you are a saint, for everything you’ve gone through, and you still help people”.

No, I’m just me.  God takes care of me.  And God will take care of you.

Sending love to you ~ Erika

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