Busy Busy Winter Time

There’s been so much going on these past weeks, it’s hard to know where to start!


Little One’s wedding planning is coming along, and before we know it, the end of September will be here.

She got her “Say Yes to the Dress” experience, for which I am so thankful.

Tie the Knot Boutique, and specifically Whitney, has been so easy and wonderful to work with.

I even found my Mother of the Bride dress there as well!

A year ago at this time, I never would have believed that I would make it to this point – being able to witness and participate in wedding dress shopping.

I truly, truly believe that a positive attitude makes a difference, but first and foremost, I believe prayer changes things.

How much fun is doing laundry?


I absolutely LOVE my washer and dryer set.

It is a Maytag Neptune set from Rocky’s Appliance.

Lately, though, I could hear it each time I did laundry; a bearing was going.

The set was purchased a couple of days after Gary and I separated, around February 4, 2002.

In a small town such as Luxemburg, you just think something, it’s already around the town.

Looking back to that time in 2002, I remember going in to Rocky’s, wanting to not reveal the news, but knowing I had to in order to have the set delivered and set up in the duplex I had rented on Church Road.

It’s a feeling of being embarrassed and humiliated that my marriage didn’t work out, but yet knowing that I had done nothing wrong, and had been involuntarily put into this position.

The washer and dryer set has moved four times since and just turned sixteen years old.

Rocky came and picked up the washer last week and installed a new bearing and seal kit.  He brought it back on Tuesday afternoon, and it is as good as new again.

We seem to live in a throw-away society, and I certainly didn’t want to throw out a good washer!

I am very thankful for those that know how to do those things – diagnose what is wrong, be able to make the repairs, and do it all with good explanations of what is going on, and great customer service.

How often can you find that in the world these days?

There are still some advantages to living in a small town.

Some laundry trivia:
Laundry at Walt Disney World
If you wash and dry one load of laundry every day for the next 44 years, you’ll clean as much as the folks at Walt Disney World do in a single day. The laundry cast members wash an average of 285,000 pounds each day. In addition, between 30,000 and 32,000 garments are dry-cleaned daily. Gotta keep Mickey looking sharp!


Wilhelmina Victoria Rose Grace Marietta Balza (“Wully”) born 5/21/2010, passed peacefully this past Monday morning. Wully was Baby Girl’s baby girl, always being by her side. She was also my little baby girl and princess, being the only girl cat in the house. She was a tough nut the previous two weeks, fighting feline leukemia which she was born with. She can now join her brother, Gerald Frank Oliver George Balza IV (“Ger”, “Gergi”) in kitty heaven.



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