The Tables Have Turned

The hubs threw out his back, late Sunday morning last week.

It was the last shovel of snow from around our holding tanks.  He wanted to check the holding tanks to see if they needed pumping, especially after all the Christmas parties at our home.

He used the snow shovel as a cane, and slowly made his way into the house.

Last year, before my back surgery, he built a ramp, with handrails on each side, that reaches from our garage to the door into the house.  I was spending so much time in the wheelchair that he felt it was necessary for him to do this for me.

Even now, while I am no longer using the wheelchair, the ramp comes in quite handy.  Especially when bringing in groceries, or carrying large or heavy items; we don’t have to take a step up into the house anymore.

The hubs could hardly catch his breath, he was in so much pain.

I texted our chiropractor – Kirchman Chiropractic.  I really shouldn’t say “our” chiropractor anymore.  He won’t adjust me any more since my diagnosis.  While he has a good point, that while my cancer is sleeping soundly, he doesn’t want to move something that may wake my cancer back up – I also think he feels guilty for not knowing that I had cancer when he was adjusting me, and the fact that I had compression fractures down my spine.  Really, how could he have known?

I helped the hubs out to the truck, slowly.  He found it easier to put his hands on my shoulders and use me as his “cane”.  Dr. Kirchman met us at his office.  We are both so thankful for him.  He has gone out of his way for us a couple of times now, and we appreciate it greatly.

The hubs was adjusted, and electro-stimulated.  That portion of his right lower back was numb after the appointment.

The hubs had so many plans for the day, like taking the truck to the gas station and to the car wash; going to Menards to pick up what he needed to finish our bedroom remodeling; and so on.

Not happening.

I stopped and filled the truck with gas on the way home.  We got home and I took him to the bathroom, and then upstairs to our bed.

The handicap accessories that we have put throughout the house for me, sure came in handy for him.  The rails on the ramp into the house; the toilet safety rails; the second handrail going up the stairs; and most of all, our adjustable bed.

He spent the day in bed, and I made several trips up and down the stairs.  When I come down the stairs in the morning, I usually don’t go up the stairs until the end of the day when I’m ready to go to bed.

For everything the hubs has done for me the past (almost) three years, I will do anything for him.  I did the things he normally does, bringing the laundry up stairs, taking out the garbage.  He does a lot around the house, of which I am appreciative.  I always tell him ‘thank you’, even for the smallest things.

The hubs went back to work on Tuesday.  After three additional adjustments during the week, the swelling is gone, and he is feeling much better.

I saw a post on Facebook earlier this week…”If your spouse were to become disabled, would you stay with them?”

It is obvious what our answers are.  What is your answer?

One thought on “The Tables Have Turned

  1. “Got ‘yer back” literally means doing anything your soulmate needs to ease their comfort to be able to stay around yet another day…. When I was asked for the 150th time recently to adjust pillows on the bed, my hubby reminded me with his grin, “someday, you’re gonna miss this…!” So true dearest love. Doing the task again, and again, and again….or remembering later when they no longer are here to ask, how often you did the task, I’ll take the time to do the task every time. 😘


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