There’s a hole in my sock

There’s a hole in my sock (dear Liza, dear Liza)…

It was a pair of socks that were given to me for Christmas a couple years ago.  They were one of my favorite pairs, as they were easy to get on, warm, and comfy.

But, since I have to use a grabber to get my socks on, it finally happened.

There were holes in both of my socks.  So last night, I said goodbye to that pair of socks.

Those socks, they reminded me of my body.

The socks are put together, in some fashion that makes them stay together as a sock, but are subject to destruction at any time.  They could be washed too much, they could be stretched out too far.

In the same manner, my body, that is a complicated mess of nerves, veins, blood, organs, and bones, all kept together as a body, is constantly teetering on the brink of destruction.  Not enough water can lead to problems with my kidneys.  Falling down can lead to broken bones.  A respiratory infection can lead to death.

And so, I try to take care of my body in the best possible way every day.  As I feel really good now, it can change in an instant.

Speaking of Falling Down

I did.  Last week.

I went to pick up Sam from A Spa 4 Paws after his spa day.  We were going to visit Papa Thor and Momma Marilyn over the weekend, and didn’t want Sam to smell us out of house and home.

Sam gets so excited when we leave, he has to pee all over everything after he runs out the door.

Being the good doggie parent that I am, I had him on a leash.  He likes to run when he can – thankfully it is only about two to three times a year that he does, and he typically ends up at Mother Janet’s house about two miles away.

He weighs 108 pounds, and he is one strong dog.  I knew enough to let go of the leash when he pulled away, but he already had me off balance, and down I went, on my knees, in the parking lot.

It is a painful process to get from my knees to standing.  Through the little bit of snow on the ground, I slid myself over to the large decorative rocks that I had parked next to, and pulled myself up slowly.

It was a moment of tears.  Sam knew he had done wrong, and had already jumped into the back of the truck, ready to go home.

I slowly pulled myself up into the truck.  Two small decorative stones fell out of my sweatshirt sleeve.

I tearfully called the hubs, and asked him to come home.  It was close to time for him to be done with work anyway.  I was tired, and I was hurt.

An hour later, after a couple morphine that I popped into my mouth, off we went to Fleet Farm to finish our Christmas shopping.

The next morning wasn’t the most pleasant, for sure.

I’m hoping I didn’t leave a crack in the parking lot…

Love to you all ~Erika


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