Learning new things

I love to learn.

When we visit with Son Robert and Daughter-in-Law Dierdra, we always learn so many new things.  Both are chiropractors, and have patients with a wide range of occupations.

Do you want to know how Frontier and Allegiant get to have such low fares?

Because they get their planes from Delta and other big airlines.  Delta and the other airlines have put these planes out of service.  Then Frontier and Allegiant will step in and purchase those planes, and get them to the baseline of the standard of service, and no more.

Larger airlines like Delta also have a pilot in their cockpit that has 20+ years of experience, and a co-pilot with at least ten years of experience.

Frontier and Allegiant have pilots right of out school.

Which airlines would you rather fly with now?

Large airlines with planes beyond the baseline standard of service, experienced pilots and co-pilots, OR cheaper airlines with planes at the baseline standard of service, with pilots and co-pilots right out of school?

Tumor Markers

As you may recall, or not, tumor markers show the amount of cancer activity in the body.  When I began this journey, my tumor markers were at 910.  Others have had tumor markers much higher – in the two thousands and higher.

Tumor marker numbers at 32 and below are the best.

Jump back to October, 2016, and my tumor markers were down to 28.

Moving forward to January, 2017, I stopped taking the chemo drug Ibrance.  It was a tough decision to stop taking the drug, because we didn’t know which of the two drugs – Ibrance and Letrozole – was actually doing the job of keeping me better.

Hop forward to November of this year.

My tumor markers are down to 16!

I am one pretty boring cancer patient.  I still have Stage IV metastatic breast cancer.  It is still lurking in the shadows throughout my body.  In the past I said my cancer was sleeping soundly, but now, my cancer is in a coma, and we don’t know when the coma will end.  Hopefully not for a long, long time.

The other good news from November: I was discharged from being a patient with my back surgeon at Froedtert!

All my love  ~Erika


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