Hope in Florida-More Fun!

The weather continued to be beautiful every single day that week.


Wednesday morning started with a quiet breakfast, then off to the Marine Discovery Center for a two hour boat tour.

We were able to see boats that were capsized and left behind from the hurricane.

Our tour guide grabbed up some oysters to show us, that brought some crabs along with them.

Then there were the the dolphins, swimming along, jumping out and then into the water.  Beautiful, graceful creatures that always bring a smile to my face.

After the tour, lunch was at a restaurant across the street.

We went back to the condo, and I took a quick ten-minute nap.

Spa Time!

That afternoon was spent at The Spa at Venetian Bay, Boren Beauty, and Applause Salon.  These places were closed for the afternoon to serve only us women on the retreat.

Each woman was given a spa robe with their first initial on it.


Laughter ensued when I put on my robe.  My “E” is a “3”!  It fits.  For sure.

The spa had a whirlpool shaped in the form of a conch shell; a sauna; and heated, marble chairs.

We each put cucumber slices on our eyes, and held them on with a cold, wet washcloth.


While I was at the spa, the hubs went shopping at the Harley Davidson dealership in New Smyrna Beach.

His only purchase was a T-Shirt!

Hair and Makeup!

After a short time in the spa, because I’m not one for heat…two of us went next door to have our hair and makeup done, because that night was date night!

Date night, with no children – just adults.

Dinner that night was at So Napa, with our choice of steak or chicken.  The steak was scrumptious.

After dinner, we were told to stop into the shop next door to the restaurant for a gift from the shop owner.

Again, the generosity was amazing.


Woke up to another beautiful day.  The thought of it being near the end of the week crossed my mind.  But, we still had time to enjoy everything going on.

We drove to Ponce Inlet to tour the lighthouse there.

Rob climbed the 203 steps to the top of the lighthouse.  I stayed in a rocking chair on the porch of one of the houses of the lighthouse keepers.

Lunch was held in the conference room of the lighthouse administrative building.

Unfortunately, I was totally worn out, and we missed supper and the play that evening.  The play was put on by the local theater group, “Love, Lost & What I Wore” written by Norah Ephron and her sister.  I hope one day I can see it.


Friday was a relaxed and a pretty open day.  It was definitely a windy day though!

A professional photographer donated her time to take pictures of each of the families at the beach.

It was so windy, that at one point, I think Rob had my hair on his head!

We don’t have the pictures yet, but I can’t wait to see them!

After our pictures on the beach, we returned to the Ocean Walk Clubhouse, where we were introduced to Magic Milk crafts.  We got to play in a sandbox!

We were able to choose what shape we wanted to do – cross, turtle, heart, picture frame, dolphin, foot, etc.

Being different, as we always are, we asked if we could do our hands, intertwined.   The owner was surprised, as she had never had that request before, but she said we could try it.

There was so much awe at how our hands turned out, the owner offered that other couples could do hands as well, in addition to the shapes they had already done.

We had quesadillas for lunch that day, and fried plantains.  I don’t know if you’ve ever had plantains, but, let’s just say Rob had mine. Ewwww…


We were supposed to have our final supper on the beach with a bonfire, but it was too windy for that.  So we had supper back at the Clubhouse after we packed everything up that afternoon.

Saying goodbye to our VolunStar, Rhonda!

We said our goodbyes to our new friends and VolunStars, and received even more gifts!


Morning came early on Saturday.  We left our condo behind at 5:30 am, and drove thirteen hours back to Kentucky.

We talked a great deal while driving and riding.  We both learned things about each other that no one else knows.  We also talked about other subjects as well, family, finances, my health, the future.

If it’s possible, I fell in love even more with Rob.

Those hours together, the entire week together, that time was priceless.

It is time that I will never forget.


Thank you to Little Pink Houses of Hope, Rhonda (our VolunStar), the donors, the volunteers, everyone that was involved in making this the trip of a lifetime.

Love to you all ~Erika

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