Hope in Florida-About Little Pink Houses of Hope

I can’t say enough about Little Pink Houses of Hope.  They are an amazing organization that cares so much for those that attend the retreats.

Other than transportation, this retreat cost us absolutely NOTHING.

Our retreats are offered at no cost to participants.   Travel to, from and during the retreat is the participant’s responsibility.  Our retreats are possible thanks to the generosity of many individual, business, and community Little Pink Houses of Hope supporters.

As far as travel, the organization provides their corporate discount code for flights and rental cars.

LPHOH has retreats on different dates at different places.

The retreats are located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Maryland, Texas, Michigan, Arizona, Florida, and California.  We use donations of houses from generous donors who believe in our mission.  When necessary, we rent houses to ensure adequate housing for participants and staff.

How I started

After my initial application in March, I had to have a medical verification form completed by my oncologist’s office.  This form was forwarded prior to our selection for the retreat.

LPHOH has three tiers for selecting families – those that are currently undergoing treatment, those that have finished treatment in the past six months, and those that have finished treatment in the past twelve months.

Of course, I will always be in treatment, for the rest of my life.

After being selected to attend the retreat, we received an email with a few forms.  One was an intake form, asking our drink and food choices for the week.

Each participant is housed in their own property and has a kitchen stocked with breakfast and drink needs.  Common meals are held for lunch and dinner, allowing you to meet and enjoy getting to know other participants on the same journey.  During the week, a schedule of daily activities is created based on local community donations secured.  In the past, activities have included, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, golf, art classes, massage, fishing, sailing, concerts, carnivals, etc.  Activities vary at each retreat based on donated services.

A typical week includes common dining for lunch and supper; morning programs, because afternoons are for rest; planned activities are optional.  All during this time, we had an assigned VolunStar who was there for anything we needed at any time.

If you know of anyone with breast cancer, please tell them about this retreat!  Applications for 2018 are now open!

Stay tuned tomorrow for what we did throughout the week!

Love to you all ~ Erika

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